Category: Builds/Upgrades

Any builds or upgrades done. And perhaps future enhancements.

LX450 Armrest organizer / DIY

With all that room in the armrest there needs to be organization…. So Decided to install a little organizer on the inside of the lid. Some cutting was required to get the straps looped through. Parts list: Gadget Pouch Molle Organizer Please follow, like and share us:

LS400 Sun Visors

Everyone at one point or another will have to deal with this……. So I bit the bullet and took on the challenge. Found a set of 1995 – 2000 Lexus LS400 sun visors. Followed the instructions from the forums and got it done. Hardest part was drilling out the OEM visor holder (NOT THE CLIP).…

Rack powerbox

After installing the Prinsu rack, I needed to wires to and from the roof rack. So I decided to install a powerbox at the rear of the rack. The box currently powers the side lights, light bar and sends power from the solar panel back to the battery. The box used is a RV/trailer junction…

Solar Panel

After multiple dead battery incidents, I have decided to install a solar panel to keep the batteries topped off. The panel installed is a Renogy Eclipes 100w high-efficiency panel. Mounted on the Prinsu rails via 1/4 – 20 carriage bolts. Paired with the panel is a EP Solar dual battery solar controller. This ensures both…