Rear Hatch Lights (Red/White on dimmer)

After a couple of trips out during the fall and winter, I realized I needed some lighting that gave us a good amount of light on the rear side of the rig. Adding red cob lights allowed us to keep our night vision so we could stargaze. Also adding a dimmer allowed us to adjust the amount of light needed.

Power was pulled from the cargo dome light. Ran the wire from the hatch through the same conduit that is used for the door locks. That was a PAIN. Tip: Grease the wires then pull it through.

Parts list:

dimmer switch
12V Manual Dimmer For LED Single Color Light Strip Brightness To DC Adapters New | eBay

spdt switch used to toggle between red and white hatch light
10Pcs ON/OFF/ON 3 Position SPDT Round Boat Rocker Switch 6A/250V 10A/125V AC ZH | eBay

here are the lights i used for the rear hatch
200 X 10mm 10W 12V COB LED Light Bar diode Warm white Red blue Green for Car | eBay
1 red 1 white.

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